I’m Juanma, I’m originally from Lima, Peru, but have been calling Toronto, Canada home for a while now.
I’m a full-time Software Engineer living and working in Downtown Toronto. I enjoy constant challenges mainly related to backend systems design and implementations. The languages I work with primarily are Golang, Python and Ruby, but I’m always open to learning new ones. I’ve had the opportunity to work across multiple industries in my professional career as an engineer. Some of these include Finance, Ad-tech, Privacy/Security and Visual Marketing. Across these roles, I’ve been able to transition between full-stack, DevOps and Backend roles. Although every role and new skill learned has been extremely valuable to me, I find myself being more passionate about Backend Systems, and that’s what I’m currently focusing on.
In my free time, I like to travel and I spend my time honing a different set of skills that I enjoy quite a bit: Photography and Videography. As an amateur photographer, I’m still learning the ins and outs of how to accurately showcase my point of view through photos, but I’m enjoying every step of the way. In addition, I find myself losing track of time while I work on video projects or editing sessions. These two hobbies, are a great way for me to create in a medium outside of Software Engineering.
If you’re interested in what I do, professionally or as a hobby, feel free to visit my social media pages. Thank you for taking the time to visit my website!
     – Juanma